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What is a 1-place study?

One place studies involve the study of the people of a community within the context of the place they live. Obviously geographical features play a part, but so do other considerations - changes in land ownership, agricultural or commercial activities, lifestyle, etc. Such a study may involve a single street, a village or town, or a parish, for example, but covers the whole community, not just a single family line.
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   Whitsome is a small rural parish on the Border between Scotland and England, in Berwickshire, Scotland.

    This site will present some of the material from my 1-place study of the parish, much which cannot be found on official sites such as
Scotland's People.
     Many of the names on the lists will have hot-linked numbers beside them. These will take you to other information on these individuals. The family trees included here have been assembled from a range of sources including BMDs, the OPR, the census Fasti, testaments and information from descendants. Should anyone spot corrections they think are necessary, or have anything to add, I will be delighted to hear from them.

There is a short history of Whitsome here.











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The old Kirkyard
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Hilton Old Kirkyard

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Map from the 2nd Statistical Account of Berwickshire (1835) showing Whitsome and its surrounding parishes.

The area bottom right is Northumberland in England.















Map from "Chambers' Picture of Scotland" (1834) showing the position of Berwickshire on the east coast of Scotland. South of the pink line is England.