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Cranwell Electrical and Wireless
Boy Entrants


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  In September 1934, the Royal Air Force began training Boy Entrants from the age of 15 years. Among them were the lads who were destined to become wireless operators, and who entered the Electrical and Wireless School at RAF Cranwell in Lincolnshire.  Before the scheme was suspended in 1940, because of WW2, around 3000 boys passed through the School. Their story was told by Rev Michael Frere in his  book  "The Cranwell Boys (1934-940)"  [ISBN 0953530183] from which the historical information on these pages is quoted, with permission.

In 1970, at a reunion of the Boys, it was decided to form an Association for the pre-WW2 Entrants who had completed their training. Among the  activities of the Association were the organizing of an annual reunion at RAF Cranwell and the publication of a Newsletter. It was also agreed that steps would be taken to track down as many Boy Entrants as possible--a task undertaken for the most part by my late father, Alexander Robertson.
The Association has now, like so many WW2 Associations, had its last Reunion. As a tribute, most of this section of my website presents the Nominal Roll of the CEWBE, to which I have added some of the photos found among my father's papers and some I took myself at the last Reunion my father attended.

553355 WO A Robertson beside the Memorial Stone raised at RAF Cranwell in memory of the Boys of the Electrical and Wireless School in 1990.

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